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Kubišta Transport

We have been operating on the market for 23 years and we deliver goods to all European countries.

We are specialists in hydraulic tails.

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Double decker semitrailers

Double decker semitrailers

In addition to large-volume 100m³ semi-trailers, we also have several, ie. double decker semi-trailers, which when loading the second floor, can load up to 66 euro pallets with a height of 150 cm.

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Bulk semi-trailers and sets

Bulk semi-trailers and sets

All our cars are of the lowdeck type, we specialize in the transport of large-volume light goods, semi-trailers reach a volume of 100 m³ and jumbo sets 120 m³. All technology is equipped with a multilock rail for secure fastening of the load. Our sails are subject to XL Code certification.

Vehicle fleet

Own fleet of modern cars